From String quartets, string and  brass trios, jazz trios,duos and chamber groups, Sonos Chamber Players is your best choice for any event. Private parties, Celebrity celebrations , Corporate Events and more, Sonos Chamber Players will satisfy your musical needs.

Perfection at best. Classic, timeless, and elegant. Their music and talent is FIRST CLASS!!! Book Sonos for your event. I promise you won't be disappointed. -Auraleen Rubio

I hired the Sonos Players for a challenging gig. To show-up to a video shoot without any prep or rehearsal time and play their hearts out. They came prepared, already in wardrobe and make-up, and were performing within minutes of arriving on set. They played marvelously, were professional, and every easy to work with. Highly recommended. -Jonathan Amerikaner for Motu




Thanks so much for playing. You guys were awesome! I will definitely refer people to you. - Roy Hibbert

​​Sonos Chamber Players were great. I hired them to play jazz music for a marriage proposal for my client and they did fabulous. They were on time, dressed professionally, and their music really made the proposal. My client described them as epic. I would definitely hire them again. -Marvin Velazquez


From Classical to Popular-Electric Instruments and DJ too as well as  Jazz and original music, Sonos Chamber Players deliver. Your event will be elevated to the highest level.


Article VoyageLA Magazine::

Sept30  Quartet Del Mar

August 6 Duo

June 24 Duo/Trumpet

May 20 Terranea Resort Quartet

May 28 Ocean House Trio

May 25 Fais Dodo 9pm Classical/Jazz/Original Music

May 20 Terranea ResortQuartet

April 30 Ocean House Trio

April 23 Il Cielo Trio

March 21 optical Society LA Convention Center Trio

Feb 20 Riviera Country Club Quartet Concert

Feb 2 Fairmont Grand Del Mar Quartet

Jan 29 Ocean House trio

Jan 17, 2017 Taping CBS "Bold and the Beautiful"

Dec 29 Ocean House 

Dec 18 Private Event

Dec 18 Ocean House

Nov 20 Smog Shoppe Trio

Nov 18 Queen Mary Quartet

Oct 30 Ocean House Trio

Oct 22 Trio Hillcrest Country Club

Oct 16 Getty Villa Duo

Oct 8 Duo Calabasas

Sept 25 Ocean House Jazz Duo

Sept 10 Private Event Sherman Oaks, Sportsman Lodge Quartet/DJ

Aug 30th Bold and the Beautiful recording and taping.